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Don’t miss Celebrity Myxer’s recap of Station 19 Season 5 Episode 18 Finale “Crawl Out Through the Fallout.” Andy tracks down a witness to testify at her trial. Meanwhile, Carina and Maya deal with a stressful situation, and the crew responds to a car wreck. Here’s what you missed!

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Previously on Station 19 Season 5 Episode 17, Vic and Theo respond to a domestic disturbance between the parents of a trans teenager; Jack learns shocking new details about his childhood, and Ben and Travis help a clinic patient that’s long overdue for medical treatment.

Warning… Spoilers below!

On Station 19 Season 5 Episode 18 Finale, Andy tries to find someone to help her case, and the team tries to help a bus of students trapped by radioactive material.

The episode begins with Andy and Jack working tirelessly to track down more of Jeremy’s victims. Jack tries to stop Andy from reading online comments made about her, but while sifting through all the negative ones, Andy finds a comment about Jeremy being a predator in college, and goes into investigation mode.

Chief Ross and Sullivan lay in bed and talk about what happened during their time apart, where Chief Ross reveals that she was waiting for him after they stopped working together, but soon moved on, just like he did.

Carina anxiously sits in a waiting room with Maya for her green card interview. They discuss how it’s also almost time for Carina to take a pregnancy test, which only adds to her anxiety.

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The Face of Determination

The team talks about Andy’s options, including how she’ll have ten years in jail if she goes to trial and loses. Travis comes in, and is busy looking up what he needs to do in order to run for mayor. Vic makes a joke suggesting that Travis act conservative just to get the votes away from Dixon, but Travis still doesn’t seem entirely convinced.

Andy and her lawyer meet with a prosecuting attorney, who doesn’t think Andy has a strong case. When Andy claims there are more victims, the prosecutor reminds her that there’s no actual evidence of that. When Andy prods him even more, he reveals that there were some anonymous tips about Jeremy, but that they need something real to move forward with her claim.

Andy’s lawyer questions why Andy took the lead with prosecutor, and is worried that she may have messed things up. Andy explained that she tracked down a girl who went to college with Jeremy, but didn’t graduate, and they show up at the coffee shop that she works at.

Andy gets up to the register and talks to the girl that she tracked down, Holly. Holly is uncomfortable with Andy confronting her in her workplace, but Andy just wants to talk. Holly agrees to talk to her off the record during her break.

A Dangerous Dilemma

Station 19 shows up to a car crash involving a bus full of kids and a guy transporting radioactive material. Some of it fell off during the crash and sits in between the firefighters and the bus. The team struggles to figure out how to save the kids without putting themselves or the children in danger.

Ben offers to get a closer look at the scene, but the team refuses to let him go, since he already had cancer and has Pru to take care of. Jack and Travis offer to go instead. As they walk closer, they realize the bus driver is unconscious. When trying to step forward, their radiation detector goes off, so they have to make a border of how far they can safely go. The team watches as the kids continue to cry and pound on the bus windows, calling out for help.

The team is running out of time. The driver of the truck is trapped, but warns the firefighters that they can’t get any closer to him. While the team is discussing options, one of the kids tries to open the window. Vic attempts to run to help them, but Ben yells at her to stop.

Not long later, a kid opens the window, and Vic frantically tells them to shut it. The kid tells them there are hurt people on the bus. Vic explains to him that there is radioactive material, and the kid seems to know what she’s talking about. When Vic tells him to shut the window again, he does and even tries to calm down the other kids on the bus.

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The driver stumbles out, and tells the team that his name is Carl. He offers to get the radioactive material out of the way, since he’s already been exposed to it. Carl refuses to let the kids or the firefighters get hurt. He tells everyone that he has a daughter, and he would want someone to save her if she was on that bus.

Carl makes a run for it, and carefully puts the material un a bucket. He runs it back to his truck, while Station 19 hurries to help the kids out of the bus.

The kid who opened the window before talks with Jack, and makes a comment about being excited to tell his mom and dad about the event. Jack’s face falls at the mention of parents.

A little while later, Jack watches as the kid runs into his parents loving arms.

An Important Interrogation

Carina and Maya sit in front of the interviewer, and Maya accidentally answers the questions for her, upsetting the interviewer. However, when they launch into the story of how they met, he seems to be warming up to them.

The interviewer asks them why they waited to get married until Carina’s visa was expiring. Carina explains the situation. The interviewer asks Maya why she was demoted, and after he gives her a passive aggressive comment, Maya lashes out, letting out her anger about her demotion all at once.

Later on in the interview, Maya begins laughing at the absurdity of some of the questions that the interviewer is asking, but he yells at them to stop. After a moment of silence, he congratulates Carina, saying she has a green card, and even says that they remind him of him and his wife with their constant bickering.

Telling Her Story

Holly tells Andy that Jeremy followed her out of a bar one night when she was in college. She woke up in her dorm, confused and not remembering anything that happened, but she realized that she wasn’t wearing underwear and was covered in bruises. She couldn’t finish school, and even went to a therapist. After a while with the therapist, the memory came back of Jeremy assaulting her behind a dumpster. When she went to report him, she was told that Jeremy’s future shouldn’t ruined just because of some “drunk college girl”. She tells Andy that when she heard about her on the news, she was relieved. But, she tells Andy that she doesn’t want to be on the news, she doesn’t want her son to see that and get angry. Andy tells Holly that she’s at risk of going to jail for ten years, and gives Holly a speech about how it’s important that women speak up and that they make as many people angry as they can in order to have the possibility of some change in the messed up system.

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Power Dynamics

Chief Ross tells the team that the police are wanting to charge Carl, but Travis fights back, since he saved the kids’ lives. While talking to her, Travis confesses in front of everyone that he’s going to run for mayor. Chief Ross tells him that Dixon has all of PD behind him, and Travis wants all of the firefighters behind him. He tells everyone that he’ll do whatever he has to do. Chief Ross tells him that she can’t get the entire department to back him, but that she can endorse him personally. She wishes him good luck, and the team celebrates.

Carina and Maya run into Chief Ross at the firehouse when they return, and Maya questions why she’s there for Pru’s party when she doesn’t even know Ben that well. When Chief Ross walks off, Carina and Maya whisper about how she makes new excuses for coming to the firehouse every day. Carina reminds Maya that they did that too when they first started dating, and tries to calm Maya down and enjoy their day.

Beckett tells Sullivan out of the blue that he needs help, and even says he may need to go to rehab. Sullivan agrees to help him, and Beckett jokes that he still can’t have his job.

Andy, her lawyer, and Holly meet with the prosecutor.

A Time to Celebrate

At the firehouse, everyone celebrates Pru’s birthday. Carina and Maya check in on Jack, who assures them he’s fine even though he looks down. They invite him to wait with them when they take the pregnancy test, but he doesn’t want to intrude. He assures them again that he’s fine before walking off.

Ben is proud of himself for not breaking the rules for the first time ever; for not running right into danger to help those kids. He gives a speech about how grateful he is for Miranda and the family that they have, and even toasts to Dean, promising to honor him in every way.

Andy tells Jack that the charges were dropped against her; that she’s finally free and it’s all over. The team celebrates even more, but Vic suddenly breaks down in tears. Pru goes over to comfort her, but Vic hugs her tightly and assures her they’re happy tears.

Getting What You Want, But at a Cost

Chief Ross asks Sullivan if Andy can work with her if she’s put back at Station 19. Before they can talk more, though,Maya storms in and confronts Sullivan and Chief Ross. She blurts out that she knows that they’re sleeping together, and that if she isn’t given her job back, she’s going to report them.

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Chief Ross pulls Andy aside. Andy apologizes for how she spoke to her, but Chief Ross says that she can make it up to her when she’s back to working at Station 19. When Andy seems confused, Chief Ross tells her that a lieutenant spot just opened up, so it’s Andy’s now. Still confused, Andy runs to Jack’s locker, and finds a note in it saying “you’re welcome”. She runs to catch him, but Jack is already speeding away in his car. Andy calls after him, but he doesn’t look back.

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Air Date: May 19, 2022

Will There Be A Station 19 Season 6?

Yes! Station 19 Season 6 has officially been renewed!

Station 19 Cast

  • Jaina Lee Ortiz as Andy Herrera
  • Jason George as Ben Warren
  • Grey Damon as Jack Gibson
  • Barrett Doss as Victoria Hughes
  • Jay Hayden as Travis Montgomery
  • Okieriete Onaodowan as Dean Miller
  • Danielle Savre as Maya Bishop
  • Boris Kodjoe as Captain Robert Sullivan
  • Stefania Spampinato as Carina DeLuca
  • Miguel Sandoval as Pruitt Herrera
  • Carlos Miranda as Theo Ruiz
  • Merle Dandrige as Chief Natasha Ross

Guest Starring

  • Chandra Wilson as Miranda Bailey
  • Janai Kaylani as Pru Miller

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Updated News

Station 19 Season 6 has officially been renewed!

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