The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (2023)

In this soul teaching on the different reasons for bloated aka ‘Buddha bellies’ on the Twin Flame journey and Ascension path, you will learn:

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (1)Congratulations! Join the club, you are not alone. Many other people, both men and women encounter bloated bellies on the Twin Flame journey and their Ascension path.

Just as there are many physical reasons for bloating there are many spiritual reasons for a bloated belly as well.

This teaching is not meant to replace medical advice, if you have continual bloating issues it is important to seek proper medical advice to rule out any situations that need medical care. It may also be a good idea to check for any food intolerance or allergies. Eating foods that irritate the stomach can of course cause digestive issues and bloating too.

The thing with food allergies is that often the foods we love the most, are the ones we have difficulty digesting. For example I adore cheese, I absolutely love it but it turns out I’m pretty intolerant of casein. Eating cheese spikes my digestive system with casein, which it has difficulty digesting. So I don’t eat dairy anymore, but I really needed that blood test to show me in print that dairy isn’t good for me, because even though I don’t drink milk or eat yogurt I loved to eat cheese in all it’s delicious forms and flavors.

In my case cutting out foods I am intolerant to and all the other things I did, did nothing to reduce my belly bloat. I had all the medical tests and blood work done and there is no underlying physical cause, so let me share some of the spiritual explanations I have found on my way to figuring this belly bloat out.

The many spiritual reasons behind your Buddha belly

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (2)Like I said in the intro a bloated belly is really a thing on the Twin Flame journey and your Ascension path and you are not alone if you are packing on width around your middle. It’s not even just a girl thing, it happens to men as well and it’s also not related to your body fat. Because even skinny chicks, that are for the rest thin as a stick can get massive belly bloating on their spiritual journey.

This is because this kind of extra weight and width are not caused through physical circumstances, which is why you can’t solve them that way either.

Spiritual bloating even has a term called “Buddha belly” that made it to the Urban dictionary:

‘A legitimate effect of Enlightenment, that no amount of working out will correct. It has nothing at all to do with fat or calories but rather is the result of actual changes in the physical structure of the body.’

Which has pretty much been my experience and those who are at this stage of their journey, no amount of watching food intake or working out helps reduce a Buddha belly….

So let’s dive into the different spiritual reasons that you can have a belly bloat that you can’t get rid of the 3D way (i.e. through calorie restriction/burning calories doing exercise).

Reason #1 Not feeling safe/not trusting the Divine

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (3)Not feeling safe inside your body or the world at large is often not something that makes sense to the rational mind, especially when we are already adults.

The reason it makes no sense is because most often these are inner child wounds from this lifetime or even harder to access when they are from a previous lifetime, that has long since been buried in the subconscious mind.

Inner child wounds are often the hardest to heal because we forget what caused them and they always seem much bigger and scarier than they were, simply because we experienced them as a child. We don’t have the mental capacity yet to fully understand what happened, especially when they took place before our language development made us able to express our feelings in words. In those cases we remember the overwhelming feelings, but we didn’t have the vocabulary to attach to it, think of in utero experiences and children up to around 3 to 5 years old depending on their development.

When there is such a deep level of feeling unsafe within the self, for whatever reason, weight will pack on no matter how little you eat or how much you work out. It isn’t until we tackle these issues of inner safety that we can release the need to hold on to the protection that a layer of fat gives us.

Louise Hay says that the metaphysical cause behind fat is:

‘Fat or Weight issues: Oversensitivity. Often represents fear and shows a need for protection. Fear may be a cover for hidden anger and a resistance to forgive. Running away from feelings. Insecurity, self-rejection and seeking fulfillment.’

We know many survivors of sexual abuse and violence as a child or as an adult subconsciously use weight as a means to protect themselves, but it doesn’t only apply to this group of people. There can be a multitude of reasons why a person does not feel safe and wants to protect themselves from perceived danger, even when nothing “bad” happened to them in this lifetime.

The only way to get this kind of weight off is to face the repressed emotions head on and they aren’t always that easy to pin-point, because they can even stem from previous lifetimes. Something I see on a regular basis in the Akasha Quantum Soul Healing Journeys™ I do with my clients.

Reason #2 Ascension symptom helping you ground the light

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (4)Another reason we can pack on weight is to help us ground the higher frequencies we are assimilating. Especially when we are naturally ungrounded or have root chakra issues, the body can use weight as a way to ground us instead.

As we filter in more and more light and raise our vibrational frequency we can potentially really get ungrounded, if being grounded is a challenge for us to begin with.

Opening up the footchakras and clearing the rootchakra can help us ground ourselves in the way we are meant to, which removes the necessity for the body to use extra weight as a means to compensate.

The root chakra is ALL about safety and so many of the things we discussed in reason #1 can be the mental and emotional manifestation that is energetically blocking your root chakra. Dealing with these wounds on a mental, emotional and energetic level, can help in releasing the physical effects that subconsciously holding on to them created.

Reason #3 Light conception aka 5D pregnancies

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (5)Yep, we are talking immaculate conception here. Spiritual pregnancies, light conception, 5D pregnancies whatever you want to call them they are a thing that many women experience on their spiritual journey that may or may not lead into a physical child being born.

I personally don’t know any real life current day stories of immaculate conceptions that lead to physical children being born, but I do know a couple of woman who have experienced feeling pregnant on their Twin Flame and Ascension journey, myself included.

In theses cases medical tests show up blank, the menstrual cycle continues and yet the body looks as if it is pregnant with not only a bloated belly but also enlarged breasts anticipating to feed a baby. I know this because both I and another woman I know ran all the medical tests to rule out pregnancy, despite feeling and looking pregnant AF.

For me the moment of conception took place in a dream, when my twin came to tell me that he was becoming a father which he confirmed on Messenger the next day. His wife was around 3 months pregnant at that time. By the time I reached India, his son was born and I looked 6 months pregnant. It was so insane I even sent him pics to show him how pregnant I looked. I also sent him a link to an teaching about light conceptions, and because I know the person who owns that site I could see that he checked the teaching I sent him as the site tracks IP addresses and logged his office IP address and location. So even though I felt I was coming across bat shit crazy, my twin seemed to like the idea and went to go take a look.

I am a very practical person, so I am not too hung up about being pregnant or not, or HAVING to HAVE this lead to a physical birth per se. I had a past life trauma around this kind of pregnancy in ancient Egypt and shortly after I shared my light conception news with my twin, I was able to clear that trauma that was connected to someone else I was close with. It could very well be that, that was the only reason why it came up now – in order to help me remember this past life that needed to be cleared. Only time will tell.

Reason #4 Kundalini rising side-effect

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (6)When raising the Kundalini energy as part of our self-actualization process we can run into trouble when moving the Kundalini energy from the 3rd to 4th chakra. The solar plexus to the heart.

“Betrayal concerns the lock between the third chakra and the fourth chakra, between the solar plexus and the heart. This lock is a complex knot right on the diaphragm. As we seek to raise the kundalini energy up into the heart chakra, it cannot pass easily through this knot because the core is very tightly veiled here. The energy dams up, circulating instead in the abdomen, unable to make it into the heart. The vibration of forgiveness actually dissolves the hard knot and releases the contraction, so the energy can get through to your heart. It takes more than a one-time forgiveness and is more like learning to live in a continuous state of forgiveness.”

Returning to Oneness: The Seven Keys of Ascension
Leslie Temple-Thurston

When we look back to reason #1 and the inability to forgive than this isn’t actually anything new. but explains how the INABILITY to forgive affects our spirituality and physiology. Something we rarely realize or think about on a day to day basis.

Reason #5 The body transmutes the energetic heaviness physically

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (7)Whatever heavy energies we carry with us from our soul’s journey through time, space and dimensions have to be released physically.

As we do our Inner Soul Alchemy work we release tons of heavy vibrational gunk and sludge that we release through the physical body.

Everything exists in energy first, but in order for it to really be fully released including the anchor points to which trauma attached itself in the physical body, we have to allow it out through the body itself. Releasing deep vibrational heaviness, can in turn create temporary physical heaviness as a way to transmute these lower and denser vibrational frequencies, so that they are truly released once and for all.

This is why when during the purging phase you can both feel and look like shit, because you are using your physical body to transmute deeply stored low vibrational frequencies that no longer serve you. Doing so creates much more space to fill and hold the higher frequencies of your soul.

One cannot come into inner union with the soul, without preparing the physical vessel first. As long as you are still metaphorically speaking carrying and elephant on your back of past life gunk and sludge, the soul cannot stand to be in the body and the physical body cannot hold the higher frequencies of the soul. Their mismatch in vibrational frequency repels each other. Which is why we have to do our inner work, to prepare our body to be able to hold the frequency of our soul.

Reason #6 Birthing your higher self into the physical

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (8)Both men and women tend to blow up in the belly when they are birthing the Divine feminine within themselves or birthing their higher self into the physical.

Those further along in their spiritual journey are ready to give birth to their own Divinity or a Divine aspect of themselves as preparation for the inner union process, the inner Hieros Gamos of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine within.

One of the flower essences that I have been prescribed in this process a couple of times is Zielsfrequentie #89 which is from a Dutch company called Cosmic Flower. This is an excerpt from that essence description:

“During the final integration phase, the inner Goddess child will develop and prepare for the “birth” of her Goddess Being. It is possible that both women and men in this phase have a physically pregnant looking belly for a longer period of time. Eventually the “birth” of the Goddess will take place and the Goddess Being can be fused, whereby the earthly principle (that God represents the male power being and the Goddess the female earthly creative being) will be dissolved. This will connect the inner Heaven and Earth being and Divine Being principle and allow the androgen being to show itself and be lived in one’s daily life.”

Leading up to my own rebirth as my higher self and my inner hiero-gamic union I gained around 7KG despite regular exercise and a healthy organic wholefood lifestyle.

Reason #7 Pregnant with your Twin Flame union

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (9)Last but not least, as Divine Feminines (male or female) we carry and birth our Twin Flame union.

Those Twin Flames who are in the union stage of their journey tend to look pregnant as well.

The Twin Flames that I know who are close to manifesting true Twin Flame union, all look pregnant without any exception. Remember Twin Flame Union, does not equal being in a physical romantic relationship with your twin. Those people will not have weight fluctuations, because they aren’t in the union process yet. They are in a physical romantic relationship with (who they believe to be) their Twin Flame.

When I am talking about Twin Flame union, I am talking about couples who have first individually self-actualized and then came together as an outer reflection of their inner state of being – union within. Those couples will go through birthing their union in the physical and the Divine Feminine carrying that union in her womb energy.

As you can see the process is an evolutionary one, birthing each stage from the previous one and it all starts with facing our inner pain. So it’s not like only one of these can only apply to you, most likely it will be multiple and in the end all of them when you are ready to birth your Twin Flame union in the physical.

Until that time it is important to keep working on yourself, union is an inside job. It is a process alchemized within your soul. It doesn’t come falling from the sky or something that will just happen naturally over time. You have to work at it, because this journey is simply not just about ending up in a romantic happy end scenario with your twin – this is your fast-track to Ascension!

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With my deepest love,

The Different Reasons for Bloated Aka 'Buddha Bellies' On the Twin Flame Journey and Ascension Path | Sabriye Ayana (10)

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