Top 25 Design Job Titles [with Descriptions] (2023)

What are the best design job titles for you and your team? I reviewed 90+ design job titles searched for by candidates (and employers!) to find the best titles for you to choose from. This is the latest chapter in Ongig’s series calledJob Titles: The Definitive Guide.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • Types of Design Jobs— The 6 most-searched-for types of design job titles
  • Art Director vs Creative Director — The similarities and differences between Art Director and Creative Director
  • Design Job Titles Hierarchy — The standard org chart for design department positions with examples from each of the major 6 design job levels. I include examples of top employers and what they call their titles.
  • The Top 25 Most-Searched-For Design Titles — A column chart of the top 25 design positions that candidates search for on Google.
  • 10 Design Job Titles and Descriptions — A list of the top 10 design job titles and descriptions that employers request.
  • Creative Design Job Titles — A few funny job titles we found for design professionals.

Types of Design Jobs

During our search for the most popular roles in a design team, we found 7 types of design jobs. The most-searched-for design job titles fall under one of these categories:

  1. Graphic Design job titles
  2. Industrial Design job titles
  3. Interior Design job titles
  4. Web Design job titles
  5. Instructional Design job titles
  6. Creative Design job titles
  7. Tech Design Jobs

Art Director vs Creative Director

Art Director and Creative Director are searched on Google 6,800 times per month (combined), which puts them in the top 10 most-searched-for design job titles according to These design roles are sometimes used interchangeably, but there are some differences. Workfront says:

“By definition, an art director is focused solely on aesthetics, whereas a creative director will handle strategy, campaign execution, art direction, and more.

Depending on the size of the company, an Art Director may also take on the role of the Creative Director; sometimes called the Design Director. At larger companies, like Facebook or instance, the design team uses all 3 design job titles. At Facebook, these design roles are part of the Global Creative Team, each focusing on different products (e.g., Instagram, Whatsapp & Facebook general).

Large or small, the design team plays a critical role in most businesses. Let’s have a look at a typical design job title hierarchy.

Design Job Title Hierarchy

Below is a design job titles hierarchy chart with top seniority listed at the top, down to entry-level jobs at the bottom:

Top 25 Design Job Titles [with Descriptions] (1)
  • Chief Creative Officer (CCO) – Chief Design Officer, Head of Creative, Head of Design
  • VP Design – Creative Executive, Vice President of Design, VP Creative, Vice President of Creative
  • Art Director – Creative Director, Design Director, Director of Creative Operations, Executive Creative Director
  • Design Manager – Design Lead, Art Production Manager, Senior Design Manager, Creative Lead, Visual Identity Manager
  • Individual Contributors – Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, UX Designer, Illustrator, Instructional Designer, Designer, Web Designer, Industrial Designer, Game Designer, UI Designer, UI/UX Designer, Senior Graphic Designer, Visual Designer
  • Entry Level – Junior Graphic Designer, Design Assistant, Entry Level UX Designer, Junior Designer, Assistant Designer

Here’s a longer list of titles by each row of the pyramid with little more texture on each:

Job Titles for Design Leaders

Below are the top 8 titles I found candidates and employers using for Design leaders.

  1. Chief Creative Officer (ZenDesk)
  2. Chief Design Officer (Johnson & Johnson)
  3. Head of Creative (Airbnb)
  4. Head of Design (Logitech)
  5. Creative Group head (The Richards Group)
  6. Head of UX Design (Google)
  7. Head of Design and User Experience (Adobe)
  8. Head of Design Research (Amazon)

VP of Design Titles

Here are the top titles I found candidates and employers using for Design Vice President titles:

(Video) Design job titles explained! (& how to pick the right one for YOU)

  1. Creative Executive (Voyage Media)
  2. VP Design (Ripple)
  3. Vice President of Design (Nissan)
  4. VP of Design (lululemon)
  5. Vice President of Creative (Williams-Sonoma)
  6. VP Creative (Walmart)
  7. Design Executive (NETGEAR)
  8. Senior VP of Creative (iHeartMedia)
  9. SVP Design Innovation(Levi Strauss & Co.)

Director of Design Titles

Here are the 10 most used Design director titles:

  1. Art Director (Facebook)
  2. Creative Director (SurveyMonkey)
  3. Associate Creative Director (Apple)
  4. Design Director (Workday)
  5. Executive Creative Director (PayPal)
  6. Director of Product Design (Eventbrite)
  7. Group Creative Director (Pandora)
  8. Global Creative Director (Nike)
  9. Director Design (Airbnb)
  10. Director of Creative Operations (Disney+)

Design Manager Titles

There are numerous Design Manager alternative titles to use. Here are the 12 top job titles I found candidates and employers using:

  1. Design Manager (Samsung)
  2. Design Lead (Walmart Labs)
  3. Art Production Manager (Fossil)
  4. Creative Lead (Google)
  5. Senior Design Manager (SEPHORA)
  6. Visual Identity Manager (Miami HEAT)
  7. Design Operations Manager (Dropbox)
  8. Design Progam Manager (Autodesk)
  9. Experience Design Lead (Netflix)
  10. Experience Design Manager (Airbnb)
  11. Product Designer Leader (Gusto)
  12. Sr. Design Manager (Instacart)

Individual Contributor Design Titles

When you get to the individual contributor level of Design positions, there is more granularity. Here are the top titles I found candidates and employers using:

  1. Graphic Designer (eBay)
  2. UX Designer (Splunk)
  3. Interior Designer (Airbnb)
  4. Fashion Designer (Burberry)
  5. Illustrator (GrubHub)
  6. Instructional Designer (Tesla)
  7. Designer (Instagram)
  8. Web Designer (Linkedin)
  9. Industrial Design (Google)
  10. Game Designer (Warner Bros.)
  11. Video Game Designer (Sega)
  12. UI Designer (Airbnb)
  13. UI/UX Designer (Hewlett Packard)
  14. Senior Graphic Designer (Oracle)
  15. Visual Designer (Splunk)
  16. Production Artist (Walmart)
  17. Textile Designer (Banana Republic)
  18. Technical Designer (Old Navy)
  19. Freelance Designer (Fiverr)
  20. Motion Designer (MLB)
  21. Design Consultant (Michael Kors)
  22. Motion Graphics Designer (Workday)
  23. Layout Artist (Paramount Pictures)
  24. Brand Designer (Zendesk)
  25. Logo Designer (Upwork)
  26. Packing Designer (Igloo)
  27. Senior Designer (Apple)

Entry Level Design Job Titles

Here are the top entry level Design titles I found candidates and employers using:

  1. Junior Graphic Designer (Yelp)
  2. Design Assistant (Williams-Sonoma)
  3. Entry Level UX Designer (
  4. Junior UX Designer (REEF)
  5. Junior Designer (WeWork)
  6. Assistant Designer (Gap)
  7. Graphic Design Intern (General Motors)
  8. Design Intern (DoorDash)
  9. Creative Intern (Cartoon Network)

Top Design Job Titles (Candidates)

Below is a list of the top 25 Design job titles based on Google queries we found on ahrefs.

Graphic Designer is the top searched-for job by candidates and employers, followed by UX Designer, Creative Director, Art Director, and Web Designer. What does a graphic designer do? Media Bistro defines a graphic designer assomeone who:

“creates visual concepts to convey information through photos and art”

Top 25 Design Job Titles [with Descriptions] (2)

Top 12 Design Job Titles and Descriptions (Employers)

Below are the top 12 design job titles employers request on Google, according to ahrefs.

I’ve included a brief description for each, as well as the # of job title searches per month by employers.

Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer is responsible for creating various types of materials for an organization. A Graphic Designer develops layouts for magazines, posters, billboards, online marketing materials, and brochures. A Graphic Designer may also create designs for annual reports or internal communication pieces for a company.

(Video) Top Common UX Design Career Paths | Which Do You Want to Take?

# of job title searches per month: 3,900

Creative Director

A Creative Director leads the creative team and is responsible for making creative-related decisions for different types of design projects. Typical duties of a Creative Director include:

  • leading brainstorming meetings
  • mapping out creative goals
  • providing design vision and feedback

# of job title searches per month: 3,300

Web Designer

A Web Designer is responsible for creating new websites from scratch or making updates to existing websites. A Web Designer uses various online tools and technologies to create a functional website. A Web Designer is also tasked with:

  • designing navigational elements
  • using HTML code
  • incorporating SEO into websites
  • updating and tracking website changes

A Web Designer:

“Applies UX/UI knowledge to a website rather than a digital product.”

source: Charli Prangley Design job titles explained! (& how to pick the right one for YOU)

# of job title searches per month: 1,400

UX Designer

A UX Designer makes a product user friendly. A UX Designer does research on how to improve user experience and creates wireframes for the end product. A UX Designer also develops prototypes and creates different personas to test the usability of a product.

UX Designer is commonly known as a Product Designer these days, according to Charli Prangley, who talks about tech design jobs on YouTube.

# of job title searches per month: 1,300

Art Director

An Art Director manages the visual part of a creative team. An Art Director is responsible for:

(Video) Find fashion job titles, including detailed descriptions of five popular

  • create an artistic vision for the team
  • develop creative budgets
  • manage project timelines
  • review and approve copy or designs

# of job title searches per month: 1,200

Interior Designer

An Interior Designer creates a vision and design of interior spaces. Duties of an Interior Designer include planning, researching, and coordinating interior design projects. An Interior Designer works directly with clients to meet their budget and vision requirements.

# of job title searches per month: 700

Fashion Designer

A Fashion Designer creates and designs wearable works of art. A Fashion Designer is responsible for researching fashion trends, creates sketches of their designs, pitches to fashion producers, and manages the production process for their designs.

# of job title searches per month: 600

UI Designer

A UI Designer manages the user interface aspect of a design project. A UI Designer is tasked with creating the overall layout of a product and works with the UX designer to ensure a user-friendly flow. A UI Designer also makes updates to a product layout based on user feedback if necessary.

Many UI designers in tech are also expected to handle the UX design side too, Charli Prangley explains in her YouTube video on common types of design jobs in tech.

# of job title searches per month: 350

Production Artist

A Production Artist manages the execution of a design concept. A Production Artist, in many cases, is also a Graphic Designer and is responsible for making a design work for various mediums like billboards, online ads, brochures, and social media.

# of job title searches per month: 350


An Illustrator works with other design team members to create an overall visual theme for a product or design. An Illustrator focuses on creating the visual pieces that go along with text and other content in marketing materials. An Illustrator designs colorful images for books, ads, magazines, and more.

(Video) All Design Job Titles Explained — UX, UI, Interaction, Product, Web and all types of designers

# of job title searches per month: 300

Product Designer

A Product Designer works with a product after its completion to add new features, make updates, and run tests for improvements. A Product Designer also focuses on creating the best user experience, many times on virtual products (apps, software, etc.) instead of physical products.

Design job title expert Charli Prangley says “Product Designer” is a very common role in tech design jobs and “probably the most popular.”

# of job title searches per month: 150

Marketing Designer

A Marketing Designer specializes in graphic design. Some duties of a Marketing Designer include:

  • developing art for advertising campaigns
  • designing marketing pieces (print or digital)
  • building a brand or company image
  • designing internal or external website design elements

Design job title expert Charli Prangley says “Marketing Designer” is her personal favorite when it comes to design job titles.

# of job title searches per month: 80

The 5 Types of Design Jobs in Tech

The tech industry, as usual, is a bit different with its job titles. The 5 most important design titles, says tech design guru Charli Prangley are below (with links to their start time in the video):

You can learn more about each in her YouTube video, Design job titles explained! (& how to pick the right one for YOU).

Funny Design Job Titles

Below are a few funny and creative design job titles we’ve found.

  1. Arts and Crafts Designer(Designer)…Method
  2. Clue Shredder(Lead Game Designer)… Kate Reynolds, SCVNGR Lead Game Designer
  3. Comic Sans Annihilator Graphic Designer
  4. Connoisseur of Pantone(Graphic Designer)
  5. Crayon Evangelist(Graphic Designer)…InteQ Corp.
  6. Director of Kerning(Graphic Designer)
  7. Dream Alchemist(Head of Creative)
  8. Head of Quietly Judging(Graphic Designer)

Want more funny job titles? Check out our

(Video) List of Jobs and Occupations in English | Types of Jobs | Learn Different Job Names

Design Job Titles Sources

A special thanks to these experts on Design job titles:

  1.’s blog onWhich Role Do You Need to Hire: Creative Director or Art Director?
  2. Jenell Talley’s blog onWhat Does a Graphic Designer Do?
  3. Brianna Flavin’s article onCreative Director vs. Art Director: Drawing the Line Between Commonly Confused Creative Careers
  4. Graphic Design Career Hub’s article onWhat Does a Web Designer Do?
  5. Nick Babich’s article onWhat Does a UX Designer Actually Do?
  6. CreativeBloq’s blog onBeing an art director: all you need to know
  7. Laura Barry’s article onWhat is an interior designer?
  8. Lisa McQuerrey’s blog onDifference Between a Fashion Designer and a Clothing Designer
  9. Lo Min Ming’s blog onUI, UX: Who Does What? A Designer’s Guide To The Tech Industry
  10. Hannah Meinke’s blog onWhat Is a Production Artist? The Experts in Creative Execution
  11. What does a product designer do, and how is it different from UX design? (by Georgina Guthrie)
  12. What Is a Marketing Designer? (by ZipRecruiter)

Why I wrote this?

My team and I share this research on design job titles to help you optimize your own titles. This supports our mission to transform job descriptions. Check outOngig.comto see how our software transforms your job titles and job descriptions.

by Heather Barbour in Job Titles


What is my job title if I do everything? ›

Generalist — this title is often used in HR (e.g., HR Generalist) and means someone who does a bit of everything in their HR Department. Person of Many Skills — Kagoagh Resort and Fishing Lodge uses this simple inclusive title.

What is the job description of a designer? ›

Producing a host of ideas, selecting the best ones and selling them to the other members of the team and to clients. Encouraging others to share their ideas and nurturing creativity. Communicating productively with management and clients to keep them up-to-date with project milestones.

What's a job title example? ›

A job title can describe the responsibilities of the position, the level of the job, or both. For example, job titles that include the terms “executive,” “manager,” “director,” “chief,” “supervisor,” etc.

How do you pick a title for a job? ›

5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Job Title
  1. Pick a Job Title That Is Industry-Relevant. ...
  2. Appeal to The Right Candidates. ...
  3. Match the Job Title to Salary Expectations. ...
  4. Take Care to Minimize Gender Bias. ...
  5. Remember That Even at a Startup, Some Conventions Still Apply.
29 Jun 2021

How do you come up with a job title? ›

How to come up with job titles
  1. Make it specific. ...
  2. Avoid jargon or industry slang. ...
  3. Use professional language. ...
  4. Denote the job level. ...
  5. Offer multiple titles. ...
  6. Remain brief. ...
  7. Model after other titles. ...
  8. Consider marketability.
25 Apr 2022

What is a creative title? ›

A bland title could turn a reader away from your story, essay or book. A creative title, on the other hand, grabs a reader's attention while hinting at what's to come. The direction your title will take -- that is, how creative you can be with it -- depends on the creative freedom the format of your text requires.

What is a fancy title? ›

Basically, it is a page title customized with individual background, color scheme, subtitle and breadcrumbs.

How can I spice up my job title? ›

How to Create Great Job Titles
  1. Be specific and clear. ...
  2. Keep it short. ...
  3. Include keywords. ...
  4. Use the job description to get creative.
7 Sept 2021

What is the job title of Graphic Designer? ›

Graphic design careers include creative director, art director, art production manager, brand identity developer, illustrator and layout artist.

What is a design brief example? ›

A design brief is a project management document outlining the specifics of a design project. There's no standard of what to include, but some common points are the design project overview and scope, timelines, target audience information, and budget.

What is a product design job like? ›

investigate how existing products work or how services are used. develop ideas and make initial sketches or outline plans. decide on suitable materials or resources. use computer design software to produce detailed blueprints.

What is the highest paid graphic design job? ›

15 graphic design jobs that pay well
  1. 3D Designer. National average salary: $53,386 per year. ...
  2. Video game designer. National average salary: $57,355 per year. ...
  3. Industrial designer. National average salary: $68,357 per year. ...
  4. Design technologist. ...
  5. Visual designer. ...
  6. Creative manager. ...
  7. Art director. ...
  8. Concept artist.

What are the three types of design? ›

I tend to divide design into three main types: product, interface, and visual.
  • Product Design. ...
  • Interface Design. ...
  • Visual Design. ...
  • Interrelation of types.
5 Dec 2012

What is creative design? ›

What is Creative Design? Creative design is computer generated imagery and digital animation created to visualize a potential product. The creative design includes designs that are unique, effective and memorable. It involves going out of your way to make it unique.

What are the 4 types of jobs? ›

4 Types of Jobs: Thinkers, Builders, Improvers, and Producers
  • Thinkers produce an idea.
  • Builders convert the idea into reality.
  • Improvers make it better.
  • Producers do the work in a repeatable manner to deliver goods and services to customers.
13 May 2013

Do job titles matter? ›

Job titles serve as rungs in your career ladder. They signal to future employers that you have acquired skills, achieved a level of competence, and had experiences and responsibilities in your field. Let's dig into some of the essentials and see why you should make your title a priority in your career development.

What is your professional title? ›

A job title is the name of the position you hold at your company, typically associated with a specific set of tasks and responsibilities. It often denotes a person's level of seniority within a company or department. A job title also gives insight into what an employee contributes to a company.

What is the hierarchy of job titles? ›

The hierarchy of corporate titles is:

Chief Operating Officer (CEO)/Chief Technology Officer (CTO)/Chief Financial Officer (CFO) President. Executive President. Senior Vice President.

How many job titles should a company have? ›

Companies should expect to introduce more job titles as they become larger and their employees' roles become more specialized. About 44% of companies have between 1 and 10 job titles, including 31% with between 1 and 5.

Why are job titles so important? ›

Job titles are important because they allow members of your organization to know the type of work you do and the level of experience you have. They also allow people from other organizations to better understand what your role involves, whether you're talking to a recruiter, a hiring manager, or someone else.

Can you have two job titles? ›

This scenario isn't uncommon in the corporate world. Having both an external, public title along with an internal one is common.

What is a professional or working title? ›

Professional titles are used to signify a person's professional role or to designate membership in a professional society. Professional titles in the anglophone world are usually used as a suffix following the person's name, such as John Smith, Esq., and are thus termed post-nominal letters.

How do you write titles? ›

Titles of full works like books or newspapers should be italicized. Titles of short works like poems, articles, short stories, or chapters should be put in quotation marks.

What makes a word catchy? ›

In general, catchy or powerful words are described as the words which trigger at least one of the following in the reader's mind:
  • Happiness.
  • Excitement.
  • Anger.
  • Curiosity.
  • Sense of emergency.
  • Or any other emotion.
1 Jul 2021

What are female titles? ›

Miss: Use “Miss” when addressing young girls and women under 30 that are unmarried. Ms.: Use “Ms.” when you are not sure of a woman's marital status, if the woman is unmarried and over 30 or if she prefers being addressed with a marital-status neutral title. Mrs.: Use “Mrs.” when addressing a married woman.

What titles can I add to my name? ›

These can be titles prefixing a person's name, e.g.: Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms, Mx, Sir, Dame, Dr, Cllr, Lady or Lord, or titles or positions that can appear as a form of address without the person's name, as in Mr President, General, Captain, Father, Doctor or Earl.

How do you list names and titles? ›

A person's formal title should be used on first reference. Use lower case for titles unless they are directly before a name and function as part of the name. As a general rule, titles containing more than four words should be placed after the name.

How do you write a catchy job description? ›

How to Write a Job Description
  1. Study your target candidate.
  2. Optimize the job title with keywords.
  3. Start with a company summary.
  4. Concisely describe the job's benefits.
  5. Summarize the benefits package.
  6. Keep the job's requirements clear and realistic.
  7. Use strong verbs to describe the job's responsibilities.
7 Jun 2022

How do you write a 2022 job description? ›

Best practices for writing a Job Description
  1. 'Title & Summary' - Outline the job title, where it will be based and sell it.
  2. 'Who We Are' - Tell them about your organisation.
  3. 'The Role' - Tell them what the main purpose of the role is.
  4. 'Their Benefits' - Describe the benefits they will receive.

What is higher than a graphic designer? ›

The career path for graphic design starts with a junior or associate position, followed by a graphic designer, then a senior, and director.

What is another title for Creative Director? ›

Jobs related to a Creative Director are Creative Consultant, Vice President Creative, Chief Creative Officer, Creative Specialist, Creative Art Director and Art Director.

What are the 5 parts of a design brief? ›

The anatomy of a design brief
  • Company profile. ...
  • Project overview. ...
  • Goals and objectives. ...
  • Target audience. ...
  • Design requirements. ...
  • Budget and schedule.
13 Jul 2020

What is a project design brief? ›

A design brief is a document that outlines the core details and expectations of a design project for a brand. This document should be an easy-to-understand plan of how the project will be executed. An effective design brief aligns the company and designer's goals so everyone is satisfied with the final deliverable.

What is a tech product designer? ›

A Product Designer, at it's core, is a problem solver.

A Product Designer is someone who uses the different facets and tools of design to create and execute a solution that solves for a user's experience deficiencies.

Is product design the same as UX design? ›

Product designers are involved in the entire design process of a product, while UX designers focus more on the hands-on design portion of the process. Product designers and user experience (UX) designers are similar—in fact, sometimes the titles are used interchangeably. But sometimes they're not.

Is product design a good career in 2022? ›

Here's Why Product Design is One of the Best Career Options in 2022. Many people will tell you that product design as a discipline is new. And they are right in their own way. While the art of product design is as old as civilization, it did not exist as a well-defined profession until a decade ago.

What are graphic designers called? ›

Graphic designers are in demand in virtually every industry and hold job titles such as Graphic Artist, Creative Director, Art Director, Logo Designer, and Brand Designer.

What do you call someone who does graphic design? ›

A graphic designer is a professional within the graphic design and graphic arts industry who assembles together images, typography, or motion graphics to create a piece of design. A graphic designer creates the graphics primarily for published, printed, or electronic media, such as brochures and advertising.

What is the usual title of the head of a design department? ›

Head of Design” has emerged as a title for this role, which works regardless of whether they are considered a manager, director, or VP. Whatever the level, the head of design is the “CEO” of the design organization, ultimately accountable for the team's results.

What is the highest position for a designer? ›

The Creative Director is the top leadership placement will come around 10+ years of experience towards the end of your career. Learning about the hierarchy and different positions of a Graphic Designer can be confusing, especially when you went to school to be a Graphic Designer but never learned what comes next.

What are positions in graphic design? ›

12 Careers you can have with a graphic design degree
  • Art director. As an art director, leadership and delegation are traits that are necessary at all times. ...
  • Creative designer. ...
  • Brand identity designer. ...
  • Design director. ...
  • Freelance graphic designer. ...
  • Illustrator. ...
  • Web designer. ...
  • Multimedia animator.
18 Nov 2020

What is higher than a graphic designer? ›

The career path for graphic design starts with a junior or associate position, followed by a graphic designer, then a senior, and director.

What is the difference between design and graphic design? ›

The main difference between graphic design and digital design is that graphic design is mostly static (logos, magazines, pictures etc.), while digital design involves movement (animations, interactive elements, movies etc.). The digital design does not only use visual arts, but may also include audio and sound effects.

What is the synonym of designer? ›

Designer Synonyms - WordHippo Thesaurus.
What is another word for designer?
58 more rows

What is another word for creative? ›

What is another word for creative?
123 more rows

What's another name for graphic design? ›

What is another word for graphic design?
95 more rows

What is a VP of design? ›

The VP of Design and Merchandising will oversee the creative direction, design and merchandising process for branded and private label businesses. Lead the strategic and design path for our brands and drive the product development process.

What is another title for Creative Director? ›

Jobs related to a Creative Director are Creative Consultant, Vice President Creative, Chief Creative Officer, Creative Specialist, Creative Art Director and Art Director.

What is a lead designer role? ›

Lead designers conduct the initial design frameworks and help the art staff with specifications needed in specific projects, using multiple software and digital boards. They are responsible for leading the development of mobile platform prototypes, visual website interfaces.


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